CMA Mental Arithmetic & Abacus (by CMA West Coast)

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CMA Mental Arithmetic & Abacus (by CMA West Coast)

Suitable for all levels.
Duration: 90 minutes per session, once a year.
Minimum 8; Maximum 12 students per trainer.

Available at T.E.A.M. Henderson: Every Tuesday, 2:45pm to 4:15pm
Available at T.E.A.M. Cantonment: Every Thursday, 2:45pm to 4:15pm

Standard CMA Rate applicable. 
Material Fee upon registration: $39 for the purchase of CMA carrier bag, abacus, abacus picture card and formula CD.

Deposit (applicable to Public registration only): $100 Refundable after deducting outstanding fee, if any.

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T.E.A.M. Student Care has been partnering CMA Mental Arithmetic (West Coast) since June 2018.  CMA (West Coast) provides CMA Kinder Programme at T.E.A.M. Henderson. 

Please visit our website for more information. (

CMA specializes in dual-hand, four fingers abacus mental arithmetic and focuses on offering a credible teaching system that emphasizes on total brain development.  It aims to help every child unleash his mental potential through its unique and proven methodology.  

Each child learns at his own pace with this carefully designed curriculum content and well-structured learning materials.  It also integrates online practice and multi-media learning to enhance students' progress.

Children who have undergone mental arithmetic training classes have quicker mental processing skills and mathematical abilities, ability to comprehend mathematical concepts, higher mathematical performance and IQ results etc. The training also helps to improve their concentration, memory, creativity etc.


  1. Lesson dates are planned and advised upon Registration.  
  2. CMA (West Coast ONLY) allows maximum of two replacement lessons per term per student.  Student will have to arrange replacement lesson at CMA (West Coast ONLY). Please call them directly to make appointment due to limited seating.   
  3. Trial available.  If student decides to continue after trial, the trial lesson is considered the first lesson of the new term.  If student does not wish to continue, trial lesson will be chargeable.
  4. For withdrawal from this course, parents must give at least one-month written notice to T.E.A.M. Student Care OR complete full pre-paid term, whichever is later. 
  5. Term fees are inclusive of trainer and up to 5 books per term.  Additional book per term is chargeable at $9.00 per book (Note: 115Li is considered 2 books). CDs will be provided for every lesson for homework.  A $10 charge fee applies if it is lost or broken.  Faulty CD will be replaced at no cost.    
  6. Child who joins anytime during the Term will pay pro-rated fees based on the number of remaining lessons in the Term.  The child may not transfer to other CMA Centre unless the lessons are fully utilized and a written request is made one month before the last lesson.
  7. CMA will retain all used books, in exchange when new books are issued to the student.  CMA will also retain all issued books (used or unused) when the student discontinues the lessons. 
  8. Sibling discount is applicable to one of the siblings at $310 per term of 10 lessons.

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